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Unknown and Young Adult Cases

Every year in Canada, there is a significant number of missing person reports made to police involving children and youth (under 18), and young adults (18–25), and there is sometimes no known explanation for their disappearance. If a child or young adult goes missing for no explainable reason (there is nothing to suggest they have been abducted or have run away), their disappearance may be described as an unknown case.*

  • Indicators of Risk

    What to pay attention to when assessing the risk of your young adult child going missing.

  • Prevention

    What to do to help prevent your young adult child from going missing.

  • Immediate Steps

    What to do immediately if your young adult child has gone missing.

The information provided above is intended for information purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice. Readers should assess all information in light of their own circumstances, the age and maturity level of the child they wish to protect, and any other relevant factors.

* Term used by the Canadian Centre. Police in your area may use different wording.